'Mooncycle Daytreat'
May 20 2017
Haarlem, the Netherlands

A sweet day where you'll learn all there is to know about your mooncycle. You'll be nourished, nurtured and you'll gain insights in how to support yourself during all phases of your cycle.
The Mooncycle Daytreat will hand you the tools to lead a balanced life!

You'll be guided through a soulful yoga class, you'll learn more about Ayurveda - plus you'll enjoy an amazing lunch & a delicious snack made by Hanneke Peeters

The Mooncycle Daytreat will take place on  May 20 from 11.00 - 16.00 at Studio44 in Haarlem. Costs are 95 euro - that includes handouts, lunch, snack and herbal tea.
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'Mooncycle Daytreat'
20 mei 2017
Haarlem, Nederland

Deze dag heeft als doel jou te leren hoe je lief voor jezelf kunt zijn, hoe je voor jezelf kunt zorgen en daarmee je cyclus kunt ondersteunen en herstellen. Als jij afgestemd bent op je cyclus zul je je meer in balans en energieker voelen.

Tijdens de daytreat leer je welke yoga houdingen je beter niet kunt doen bij menstruatieklachten en welke ademoefening je helpt als je last van overgangsklachten hebt. Je leert hoe je de menstruatiecyclus positief kunt beïnvloeden, maar ook hoe je tijdens en na de overgang goed voor jezelf kunt zorgen met yogahoudingen, ademoefeningen en voeding. 

Uiteraard leer je ook meer over Ayurveda en hoe deze filosofie jou kan helpen de keuzes te maken die echt bij jou passen. 
Er is ruimte om al je vragen te stellen over je cyclus, over zwanger worden, over de overgang en over het voorkomen of verhelpen van menstruatieklachten, zoals PMS, buikkrampen of onregelmatige cycli. 

Ook word je tijdens de daytreat door een serie houdingen en ademoefeningen geleid, leer je een ayurvedische buikmassage te geven en krijg je verschillende series houdingen en ademoefeningen mee naar huis, zodat je er verder mee aan de slag kunt. 
Verbind je weer met je lichaam en je cyclus - zodat je ten volste kunt leven!

Tijdens de Daytreat wordt er heerlijk voor je gekookt door Hanneke Peeters van Studio Mood & Food

De Daytreat wordt gegeven op 20 mei van 11.00 - 16.00 uur bij Studio44 in Haarlem. Je betaalt 95 euro voor de Mooncycle Daytreat - dat is inclusief handouts, lunch, snack en kruidenthee.
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"I had the amazing opportunity to practice with Irina this past summer in the United States. Irina is an amazing teacher! She delights in helping you to not only experience yoga physically through the asanas but more importantly she has the beautiful ability to center you and fill your heart with gratitude and love for yourself, your practice and the world we share."
Lisa van der Reijden
"Last November I joined my first yoga retreat in Morocco with Irina. I didn’t really know what to expect and was open for and up for everything. This retreat turned out to be magical. Morocco is beautiful; the culture, the nature, its people and the amazing food. I was instantly in love with the atmosphere I felt around me and this was just the beginning. The yoga and surf retreat was just as amazing. We would start our day with an energizing vinyasa flow class, which had been my favorite type of yoga up till then. It gave a real boost of energy for the whole day. After an afternoon surfing and relaxing, we practiced yoga again in the beautiful shala overlooking the ocean and the sunset. Well, turned out that this was quite the highlight of the day. Irina led us through a beautiful yin or restorative class, explained the poses and taught us to let go. The first couple of days, these moments could be confronting or even frustrating, but as the days lapsed, it became easier and eventually I actually was letting go. During the week there was enough time go out to stroll over Moroccan markets to buy a tajine and fresh herbs, hike through the stunning landscape, relax during a hammam session or a massage - or just read that one book you had been wanted to read for months. The latter is just easier when doing it under a palm tree. Looking back on my magical Morocco experience and memories, I feel happy and I cannot wait to go back!"
Arika Nagy
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