with a pinch of yoga


I'm super, SUPER excited to let you know that my second yogic cookbook is ready to hang out in your kitchen!

‘With a Pinch of Yoga’ shows you the simple way to create a yogic kitchen: what to eat, when and why to eat certain foods, and of course how to make the most delicious dishes!

In my second cookbook I'm sharing my favorite and best yogic recipes with you. 
'With a Pinch of Yoga' explains Ayurveda and chakras in terms that you can understand, and then teaches you how to incorporate them into your yogic diet.

All forty-six recipes are completely plant based, gluten free, sugar free and even sugar substitute free. Nestled within these yummy recipes is also plenty of inspiration for your daily yoga practice.

A preview of the English version can be found here

The Dutch paperback 'Met een Snufje Yoga' is available at Rawsome in Arnhem, my yogastudio in Velp and Simply Delicious.
You can also find the book at Yogishabol.com, Ako, Libris, ECI, boeken.com, CosmoxBruna, Boekhandel Hoogstins and Yoga Specials
Or order your copy at your local bookstore. 

The ISBN for the Dutch paperback 'Met een Snufje Yoga' is 9789402141672. The book costs 29,95 euro. 
The English paperback 'With a Pinch of Yoga' has the same price. Here's this one's ISBN: 9789402141658.

The English paperback is available at Tree of Life YogaYoga Specials, Yogishabol.comCosmox, ECI, Ako, Libris and boeken.com
You could also choose to order your copy at your local bookstore. 
If you live outside of the Netherlands, it's easiest and probably best to order through Yoga Specials, as they're super helpful and ship to any place on this gorgeous earth. 

Both the English and the Dutch ebook are available online. Their price is 16,95 euro.
You can find the English ebook at bol.com, Cosmox, ECI, Ako and boeken.com. The Dutch ebook is available at bol.com, Ako, ECI, boeken.com and Cosmox as well. 

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