Today’s fast-paced society often leaves us little time for restoration, relaxation and rejuvenation. This is why taking time to un-plug and (re)connect with yourself is so important.

Here are my upcoming retreats: 
March 2 - 4
'Yoga & Ayurveda for Women'
Zeeland, the Netherlands

April 22
'Selfcare & Selflove Training'
Loenen, the Netherlands

August 31 - September 2
'Sand, Sea & Selfcare for Women'
Zandvoort, the Netherlands

November 10 - 17
'Grounding While Moving'
Essaouira, Aït Benhaddou & Sahara Desert, Morocco 

More information on all retreats and trainings can be found here

If you’re looking for a way to deepen your yoga practice or to learn more about ayurveda, yogic diet or other inspiring topics, joining one of my workshops is the perfect gift to give yourself.

Here are my upcoming workshops:
March 10
'Springtime Workshop'
Zwolle, the Netherlands

March 24
'Yoga, Ayurveda & Detox Workshop'
Malden, the Netherlands

March 25
'Springtime Workshop'
Franeker, the Netherlands

May 13
'Mooncycle Workshop'
Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

May 27
'Ayurveda, Yoga & Diet Workshop'
Doetinchem, the Netherlands

More information on all workshops can be found here

private classes
Private classes and coaching sessions will offer a deep understanding and clear insights in a short time. This is perfect if you’re longing to dive deeper into yoga or healthy nutrition, if you’d like to learn how to integrate your practice in daily life or if you want to learn what poses or other exercises will benefit you personally. Additionally, I offer yogic coaching sessions.
Each private class or coaching session is tailor-made to suit your wishes and needs. Private classes and coaching sessions are taught in Velp or online through Skype.
A private class or coaching session costs 115 euro for 60 minutes. To schedule an appointment or to discuss the possibilities, send me an email.
Missed appointments without 24 hours prior notice will be charged at the full cost.

-- Nederlands --
Privélessen en coachingssessies geven in korte tijd een enorme verdieping en verrijking van je yogabeoefening, aangezien iedere privéles volledig aan jouw behoefte en wensen wordt aangepast. Ook bied ik yogische coachingssessies aan.
Privélessen en coachingssessies geef ik zowel in Velp als online via Skype. Een privéles of coachingssessie kost 115 euro voor een les van 60 minuten.
Neem contact met me op voor een afspraak.
Afspraken die later dan 24 uur van te voren worden afgezegd, worden in rekening gebracht.

yogic chef
Not sure how to let your diet become a reflection of your yoga practice? Or unsure of what foods are beneficial for YOU? In need of some inspiration in your kitchen? Or in need of a delicious dinner, made with love?
I’m offering yogic nutritional advise, ayurvedic insights and yogic diet workshops. I'd also love to help stock your kitchen with healthy and healing good stuff and would love to cook with or for you.
To discuss the possibilities and to schedule an appointment, send me an email.

-- Nederlands --
Wil je meer weten over yogische voeding, ayurveda of over welke voeding bij jou past?
Ik geef privélessen en privéworkshops over ayurveda, yogische voeding, over voeding inkopen en over het bereiden van de lekkerste yogische gerechten. Ook kan ik een yogische maaltijd voor je verzorgen, bijvoorbeeld tijdens een diner met familie en vrienden.
Voor zo'n privéles, privéworkshop of privédiner neem je contact met me op, dan bepalen we samen de inhoud en de prijs. 
In sommige gevallen is het mogelijk een privéles of privéworkshop via Skype te volgen. Ook daarvoor kun je contact met me opnemen.

The Sanskrit word ‘sneha’ means both ‘oil’ and ‘love’. This perfectly describes what an ayurvedic massage feels like.
During the massage, your whole body will be treated with warm ayurvedic oil, in a loving and caring way.
Massages are given in Velp. In line with ayurvedic tradition, I only massage women.
Costs are 125 euro for a 90 minute massage appointment. To schedule an appointment, send me an email.
Missed appointments without 24 hours prior notice will be charged at the full cost.

-- Nederlands --
Tijdens een ayurvedische massage wordt het hele lichaam met warme, op jouw lichaamstype afgestemde olie gemasseerd. De massage geef ik in Velp.
Volgens de Indiase traditie masseren vrouwen vrouwen en mannen mannen. Ik masseer dus uitsluitend vrouwen. 
Een ayurvedische massage sessie duurt in totaal 90 minuten en kost 125 euro.
Neem contact met me op voor een afspraak.
Afspraken die later dan 24 uur van te voren worden afgezegd, worden in rekening gebracht.

breath therapy
A lot of people don’t breathe deeply or fully (enough). This can lead to a whole range of issues, such as hyperventilation, PMS, depression or insomnia. Breath therapy sessions will help to free your breath and to connect to yourself on a deeper level.
A 30 minute session costs 60 euro. Send me an email to schedule an appointment in Velp.
Missed appointments without 24 hours prior notice will be charged at the full cost.

-- Nederlands --
Ademtherapie is als een inwendige massage, waarna de adem vrijer kan bewegen. Een sessie ademtherapie van een half uur kost 60 euro.
De sessies ademtherapie geef ik in Velp. Neem contact met me op voor een afspraak.
Afspraken die later dan 24 uur van te voren worden afgezegd, worden in rekening gebracht.
"In her own unique way, Irina teaches classes in which she blends together anatomy, spirituality, philosophy, coaching and practical advice. She knows her students through and through and teaches with love, care and compassion. She’ll show you how to grow and bloom. Irina knows what she’s doing and is not only a true expert in the field of yoga, she also knows the ins and outs of healthy diet. I feel grateful she’s crossed my path and for all the lessons I’ve learned from her."
Diana Overvest
"After trying out classes with different yoga teachers in different studios I found my yoga-home in Irina’s yogastudio in Velp. For me Irina’s yoga classes provide a good combination between challenging poses and more gentle ones. I admire how Irina is so much in tune with her class. As a whole, but with the individual students as well. She starts her classes with sensing the needs of the moment and also has an eye for the context of the outer world we live in. By bringing these elements into her yogastudio, she has an ability for creating diverse and inspiring lessons. There is no such thing as a routine or convention with Irina. This is something I enjoy a lot. It makes each class a pleasant surprise and it makes it possible for me to keep on challenging myself. The spontaneity and personal touch Irina brings as a teacher is very important for me. It gives her classes an authenticity which makes the difference between classes that are just good and those that are truly fulfilling."
Rebecca van der Schaft
"I really look forward to my Tuesday evening yoga lesson with Irina. It means that I can finish work and rather than my head continuing to spin about all the things that have gone on in the day, I can completely switch off from all that 'busy stuff' and become calm and peaceful. Through Irina's class I have also been able to use the yoga postures and breathing exercises to help me become more balanced and relaxed in my own life (outside the class). Irina's gentle and clear explanation of how to do the posture during the class (whilst she is also demonstrating the posture) is amazing. She also manages to say at exactly the right time how to correct a posture to get more benefit from the exercise. Her outlook on life and its little lessons are also inspirational. So thank you Irina, you’re a star!"
Sharon Townhill
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